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News and Blogs about Eastern Europe

NOTE: Also check the many relevant links in the European Union section of this Web site, among others.

News Sources in English on Eastern Europe-- Central Europe News (EIN News), Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (International), Transitions Online (Czech Republic), Moscow Times (Russia), Pravda Report (Russia), Russia beyond the Headlines (by Rossiyskaya Gazeta), Russia Today (Russian government), TASS (Russian government), Russia Direct, Warsaw Voice (Poland), Balkan Insight (SE Europe), BBCCNN, Los Angeles Times, Voice of America, Inter Press ServiceReuters Russia News, The Guardian

Insightful Blogs on Eastern Europe-- Johnson's Russia, Carnegie Endowment, Carnegie Moscow Center, Ideas on Europe (UACES), The Russia File (Kennan Institute)

Other Sources about Eastern Europe

Centre for European Policy Studies-- From Brussels, one of Europe's leading think tanks, with the motto of "Thinking ahead for Europe." Excellent and numerous online publications, full-text and abstracts, and commentary index, largely on the European Union.

Council of European Social Science Data Archives-- "Promotes the acquisition, archiving and  distribution of electronic data for social science teaching and research in Europe...The CESSDA home pages allow easy access to the catalogues of member organisations and provide a central news forum about its activities and other relevant information."

Europages-- European business directory that provides 2.6 million company addresses from over 35 European countries,  key business information, links to yellow pages throughout Europe and to world business sites.

Europe’s World-- "The only independent Europe-wide policy journal, produced in association with some 150-plus leading European think tanks and academic institutions... the premier ideas platform for new thinking on political, economic and social issues, read by over 100,000 of the most influential decision makers and opinion leaders across Europe."

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development-- Information on the economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

European Centre for Minority Issues-- NGO that "advances majority-minority relations in the wider Europe through action, research and documentation... supports the stabilization of areas of ethno-political tension and conflict, contributes to the strengthening of relevant legislation and best practices in governance, and enhances the capacity of civil society actors and governments to engage with one another in a constructive way." All reports, working papers, and issue briefs are available online in full-text.

European Institute-- From the London School of Economics and Political Science, an outstanding "primary focus for the inter-disciplinary study of processes of integration and fragmentation within Europe." Posts many papers in its priority areas of research: governance of the European Union, European ideas and identities, and European political economy. The "Europe in Question" series explores "the future development and governance of Europe... new lines of reflection and analysis, and... research across cognate disciplines." Note the Research Resources on Europe page.

European Social Survey-- "Academically driven cross-national survey that has been conducted every two years across Europe since 2001. The survey measures the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of diverse populations in more than thirty nations." Much data available, with free registration.

European Values Study-- "Large-scale, cross-national, and longitudinal survey research program on basic human values [in Europe], [carried on by] the European Values Study group...  aimed at exploring the moral and social values underlying European social and political institutions and governing conduct." Site posts surveys and results, newsletters, links to data, and more.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe-- Many online publications and newsletters are available from this international organization, which is "the largest regional security organization in the world with 57 participating States from Europe, Central Asia and North America. It is active in early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation." “Pan European data portal, providing access to open, freely reusable datasets from local, regional and national public bodies across Europe… a single point of access”… so users can “browse, explore and compare datasets by region, subject matter and format.”

Research Institute for European and American Studies-- From Athens, aims "to promote the understanding of international affairs. Special attention is devoted to transatlantic relations, intelligence studies and terrorism, European integration, international security, Balkan and Mediterranean studies, Russian foreign policy as well as policy making on national and international markets.

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies-- From the European University Institute, promotes research on the major issues confronting European society, principally the construction of Europe. Hundreds of excellent studies are available online.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe-- News, information, many statistics, and many online reports are available free in full-text from this United Nations regional organization. Great source for authoritative online economic information about Europe. Note the Statistical Database, with a wide range of data covering Europe, North America, and Central Asia, and the Official Statistical Organizations links directory.

University Association for Contemporary European Studies-- Based in the UK, "one of the world’s premier European Studies associations [which] has brought together academics involved in researching and teaching on Europe with practitioners active in European affairs. It encourages the involvement of people from a variety of disciplines which have a European emphasis." Posts mainly UACES materials and maintains the Expert on Europe website, a database of experts on European matters.

World Bank Europe and Central Asia-- Papers, discussion notes, and reports dealing with the full range of economic, environmental, and social issues facing Eastern Europe and Central Asia today.

ZACAT-- "Social science data portal allowing you to search for, browse, analyse and download [European] social science survey data, provided by the GESIS department 'Data Archive and Data Analysis'...  Beside documentation on study level (e.g. abstract, related publications), all studies come along with documentation of full question and answer texts on variable level."

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