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This WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources is an Internet directory of over 2000 annotated links to high-quality English-language sources of information and analysis in many international and global studies topics. Sites are carefully selected for their long-term value, favoring those with cost-free, authoritative information and analysis online.


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Access Info Europe-- An NGO "defending and promoting the right of access to information in Europe." Posts studies, news, information, and tool kits on that topic.

Amnesty International-- One of the world's largest international voluntary organizations dealing with human rights and political repression, including government treatment of journalists. The Annual Report is available online, in addition to other studies and news reports, especially human rights information by country and topic. Large library, media center, and educational materials.

ARTICLE 19: the Global Campaign for Free Expression-- From a British NGO that promotes freedom of expression around the world, information about the group's activities and many studies on the status of freedom of expression, particularly in the mass media and in dictatorships and new democracies.

Committee to Protect Journalists-- Nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that monitors abuses against the press and promotes press freedom around the world. Copious news alerts, documentation, special reports, country reports, database, and denunciations, plus the annual Global Impunity Index, which "spotlights countries where journalists are slain and killers go free."

European Journalism Centre-- "Independent, international, non-profit institute dedicated to the highest standards in journalism, primarily through the further training of journalists and media professionals. Building on its extensive international network, the Centre operates as a facilitator and partner in a wide variety of training projects." Fine source for information and analysis about journalism in Europe, with country profiles.

European Journalism Observatory-- "Network of 14 non-profit media research institutes in 11 countries. The network aims to disseminate research on journalism and global media issues, and to foster professionalism and press freedom." Posts news and analysis about journalism and media research worldwide, in many languages.

Freedom House-- Many online studies ranking countries on measures of freedom, such as the annual reports about "Freedom of the Press," "Freedom in the World," and "Freedom on the Net," informative backgrounders, and other publications are offered by this nonprofit, nonpartisan U.S. organization dedicated to promoting democracy around the world. "This site is a one-stop portal that describes best practices, consolidates lessons learned, explains campaign strategies and tactics, and links the efforts of freedom of information advocates around the world. It contains crucial information on freedom of information laws and how they were drafted and implemented, including how various provisions have worked in practice."

Global Journalist-- From the School of Journalism of the University of Missouri, a fine site on international media and freedom of expression issues around the world, with text, video, and audio files from the radio program "Global Journalist Radio."

Google Transparency Report-- Presents "data that sheds light on how laws and policies affect Internet users and the flow of information online."

Human Rights Watch-- Dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world, by investigating and exposing human rights violations and holding abusers accountable. Many reports online, including the annual World Report, with chapters by country

Index on Censorship-- "An international organisation that promotes and defends the right to freedom of expression... we fight for free speech around the world, challenging censorship whenever and wherever it occurs." Features "interviews, monitoring, reports and in-depth policy analysis from around the world."

Institute for War and Peace Reporting-- "Helps people in the world's most challenging environments have the information they need to drive positive changes in their lives — holding government to account, demanding constructive solutions, strengthening civil society and securing human rights." Posts news, analysis, reports, local media programs, and more from conflict zones worldwide.

Inter-American Press Association-- Prestigious "non-profit organization dedicated to defending freedom of expression and of the press throughout the Americas." Reports, press releases, and news on press freedom in the countries of the Western Hemisphere.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists-- "Global network of more than 190 investigative journalists in more than 65 countries who collaborate on in-depth investigative stories," with profiles of its many investigative projects worldwide. Site posts news, case studies, resources, and tips about international investigative reporting.

International Federation of Journalists-- The world's largest organization of journalists, based in Brussels, Belgium, posting publications, activities, and news items.

International Freedom of Expression Exchange-- Network of non-governmental organizations around the world that monitors free expression and press freedom violations worldwide. Posts alerts to freedom of expression violations, news stories, and more, by issue and region.

International News Safety Institute-- Based in Brussels, a "non-governmental organisation dedicated to the safety of journalists and media staff and committed to fighting the persecution of journalists everywhere... a coalition of media organisations, press freedom groups, unions and humanitarian campaigners working to create a culture of safety in media in all corners of the world." Posts news, statistics, and reports on this topic.

International Press Institute-- "Global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists... dedicated to the furtherance and safeguarding of press freedom, the protection of freedom of opinion and expression, the promotion of the free flow of news and information, and the improvement of the practices of journalism." Posts world news related to freedom of the press, public statements and conferences, and special and country reports. Note the international Media Laws Database, "aimed at cataloguing legal provisions affecting freedom of the press and expression on a country-by-country basis."

International Women’s Media Foundation-- "Vibrant global network dedicated to strengthening the role of women in the news media worldwide as a means to further freedom of the press." Posts news, blogs, reports, and other publications about women in the media worldwide, as part of its networking, leadership, training, and advocacy work.

Internet Monitor-- From Harvard University, "a research project to evaluate, describe, and summarize the means, mechanisms, and extent of Internet content controls and Internet activity around the world... a freely available online fact base that gives policy makers, digital activists, researchers, and user communities an authoritative, independent, and multi-faceted set of quantitative data on the state of the global Internet."

Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas-- At the University of Texas at Austin, this Center maintains a professional training and outreach program for journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean and posts news and analysis of journalism in those regions, including with a blog and a newsletter.

National Press Club-- In Washington, D.C., a "private association of members of the journalism and public relations community" and "the world's leading professional organization for journalists." Posts videos of luncheon speakers and other materials about current issues.

Reporters Without Borders-- A prestigious and well-connected NGO that vigorously defends press freedom worldwide, posting information about press freedom, based on multiple measures. Note especially the annual World Press Freedom Index.

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers-- "Global organisation of the world’s press... the indispensable partner of newspapers and the entire news publishing industry worldwide, particularly our members, in the defence and promotion of press freedom, quality journalism and editorial integrity and the development of prosperous businesses and technology." Many publications on trends and issues in both online and printed news and in the news business worldwide.

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